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ONGEKEND.ZEEDIJK is an experimental art project in the run-up to 750 years of Amsterdam and the Aanpak Binnenstad. Three trainees from the Municipality of Amsterdam entered into a discussion with local residents, entrepreneurs, creatives and (young) Amsterdammers about the past, present and future of the Zeedijk. The Zeedijk is a famous street in Amsterdam. What does the Zeedijk mean to them? Why do they feel connected to the Zeedijk? What is the unprecedented story of the Zeedijk that should be known to more Amsterdammers? Based on this, an exhibition has been created by three young artists, Susan Kooi, Neil Fortune and Tja Ling Hu. The exhibition invites young Amsterdammers to come to the Zeedijk to experience the stories, to experience recognition and connection, and to feel that they are part of the city center.

Triptych about the history of the Zeedijk in three time periods.

The first drawing is about the Zeedijk from the beginning of the 20th century up to and including the 1960s.

The second about the 1970s and 1980s, when the Zeedijk fell into disrepair
because of the heroin problem, and residents declared the street a disaster area.

The third drawing tells the story of the Zeedijk from the 1990s until now, a story about recovery, and people's responsibility and love for their neighbourhood. From working-class neighbourhood to problem area, from jazz scene to Hartjesdagen. This triptych, about the
the history of the Zeedijk is based on interviews and own research.

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