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Wobby Wonderland: An Artistic Journey into the World of DIY Publishing

Saturday 30 September 2023

Every year, Tilburg in the Netherlands hosts a vibrant event of DIY publishing and printed matter. Wobby Wonderland, as it's aptly named, is a much-anticipated event that draws creative minds from around the world. This year, the event took place at the Hall of Fame.

Wobby Wonderland is not only a gathering of over 40 international publishers at a book fair; but it also offers a diverse and free program to its attendees. I had the pleasure of being part of this year's program, where I conducted an automatic drawing session that allowed visitors to the fair to tap into their creative depths.

The session commenced with a brief meditation – a moment to still the mind and allow creativity to flourish. In the midst of tranquil thoughts, participants were provided with a selection of materials and paper.

Following the meditation, we were guided by the ambient sounds of Trippin' Jaguar, whose music became the backdrop for our creative journey. The melodies supported us in the process of automatic drawing.

Automatic drawing, as an art form, encourages artists to relinquish control and let their subconscious take the lead. The goal is to cease conscious thought, allowing creativity to flow freely, unburdened by the constraints of the thinking mind. It's a helpful exercise, serving as a warm-up and release of creative inhibitions, ideal for setting the stage for more deliberate creative endeavors.

After the session participants shared their experiences.

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