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Mural Threads of Unity 2023 Tilburg

This mural is a tribute to the migrant labourers who journeyed from places like Greece, Turkey, and Morocco, enriching the community of Tilburg. Adorned with symbols from their homelands, the mural transitions from a desert landscape to a colourful tapestry of hope and transformation.

Nestled near the Textile Museum, once a thriving textile factory, this artwork pays homage to the intertwined histories of Dutch labourers and those who sought a new life in Tilburg's textile industry. It symbolises the labor, craftsmanship, and shared experiences that wove the very fabric of the city of Tilburg.

In a touching gesture of both embracing their new home and uprooting from their heritage, figures sow seeds of new beginnings among embroidery of symbols of their ancestral lands. These blossoming plants and symbols show the growth, unity, and the enduring spirit of those who adapt to new surroundings while honouring their roots.

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